Dear Friends and Family;

2021 was another unsettling year for our family, despite everyone being vaxxed, boosted and masked. Covid kept everyone close to home. Susan and Rich visited Andrea and Bobby in June (They are closest to us.) but have not seen anyone else in the immediate family for over two years. They are grateful that everyone is still healthy and safe.

Andrea and Bobby continue to reside at their house near Hudson, NY. Andrea is working from home on a new novel. Bobby is now playing gigs locally, conducting online workshops and classes, working on his page and hoping touring resumes in 2022. Andrea and Bobby became grandparents in April when Bobby’s daughter, Kate gave birth to Lyra Jayne, now a frequent visitor from NYC (with her parents). Follow them on, and



In Richmond, Hilary continues as Communications Director at Donate Life America. She continues to work remotely and is overjoyed that both kids are back at a new in-person school, Sabot at Stony Point. Sword became a teen-ager in October. They are now in 7th grade, love their new school and are part of a student committee on inclusivity that meets with the Board of Directors. Ben, now 11 and a 5th grader, still loves his video games. He has become a master Christmas lights designer producing an elaborate display for the front yard.

Jared and Seema are still in their NYC . He does legal work and is finishing his final project for the Columbia University Graduate Writing Program. Seema continues work on her second novel. Vishnu, 11, a fifth grader, began producing and narrating YouTube videos in 2021. They focus on outer space and nature. Sunny, 8, is now into skateboarding.

Rich is still the lead IT guy for Jedwards International, Inc. a small family-owned company in Braintree MA. and continues to work remotely three days a week. He continues to support the work of independent singer/songwriters online, since many are still unable to tour. Rich and Susan were beyond thrilled when regional venues began opening over the summer. Our calendar is now full on in-person concert dates all over New England. They particularly enjoyed the Stage Door Cabaret series at the Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire.

Stagedoor Cabaret

Susan’s consulting practice remains in hibernation, with the exception of a revision of her last project completed in 2020. She hopes to resume annual travels to the ALHFAM Conference and Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW) in Summer 2022. Susan is still deep into music and participates in a biweekly virtual songwriters group, which began early in the pandemic, as well as guitar lessons. Both have been great focal points for her during the pandemic. The recovery process for her November 2020 back surgery took up a lot of 2021. Susan remains in physical therapy for some residual issues.

Susan lost her Uncle Fred Wiedorn in August. He was 98 and the last of his generation to leave us. What a good man he was!

We wish all a Happy New Year and better times for 2022.