Dear Friends and Family;

2010 was a year of significant events in the life of our family. We celebrated the arrival of two new grandsons and bade farewell to Susan's "one of a kind" Uncle Al. Hilary and her family returned to Richmond, VA and Jared and his crew came to the Philadelphia area. Susan and Rich, playing against type, stayed put in the Old City section of Philadelphia.

Hilary, Josh and Nina now live in a great restored home in the Church Hill section of Richmond. They welcomed Benjamin Buckminster Czarda on August 26th. Ben has RED hair and currently resembles Sir Winston Churchill. He is a happy observer of the passing scene, interested in everyone around him. Nina turned two in October and now attends pre-school. She talks up a storm and is interested in all art activities. Hilary continues her telecommuting job as a government contractor in the organ transplant field. Josh starts a new job in Richmond, with the Virginia Department of Public Health, in January.

Andrea and Bobby continue to pursue their artistic endeavors. Andrea is working on Throttle [a novel]. Bobby is finishing up Terminals, an evening length piece for improviser and percussion ensemble, which will premier in New York in March 2011. See . Andrea and Bobby spent the summer house-sitting an 1860 villa near Florence, Italy. They return to Europe over the holidays, where Bobby will play at jazz festivals in Germany and Italy.

Jared and Seema welcomed Vishnu Kerouac Srivastava-Hanson in New York City on October 28th. Vishnu is a calm cute little guy just beginning to explore the world. Seema and Jared gave up their New York City apartment right after Vishnu's arrival and are staying at Seema parents in suburban Philadelphia, while they adjust to parenthood. Jared continues his naturopathic practice; Seema hopes to return to teaching, through Teach for America, next fall.

Rich remains a Senior Staff Consultant at Charming Shoppes, Inc. headquarters, where he supports ecommerce websites. During the last year, he increased his activity as a contributor to independent singer/songwriters efforts to produce new albums. It's neat to have singers recognize him at performances, and we get complimentary CDs, including one from Australia. Rich still supports the website for singer Marina V.

Susan launched Perspective, a new personal history and archives division of History Behind the Scenes in 2010. She spent a memorable few days in Las Vegas as part of her work on an interpretive project for a former divorce ranch. Susan has three entries in World of a Slave [Two Volumes]: Encyclopedia of Material Life of Slaves in the United States just published by Greenwood Press, and looks forward to a project in Texas in 2011. On other fronts, she enjoys her expanding role as a grandmother and singing with the large active Sacred Harp [shape note singing] community in Philadelphia.

The family lost Susan's uncle, Albert "Al" Wiedorn, on June 26th. Al, a decorated World War II vet, educator, world traveler and family character, passed away at 84. Susan attended his burial, with full military honors, at Arlington National Cemetery. His story can be found on

We wish you and yours all the very best for 2011.