Susan and Rich Hanson
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Dear Friends and Family

The big news in the Big Apple is that the transit strike is over and the holidays can proceed after three adventurous, frustrating and expensive days of winging it or, more often, hoofing it around town.

Rich experienced lots of changes in his position as Director of Site Operations, for Charming Interactive / Charming Shoppes, Inc. as the company expands its ecommerce markets and adds a catalogue sales operation. His adventures as webmaster and list moderator [read mediator] for several fan sites for acoustic singers are interesting. Rich and Susan have become “groupies” for one young singer.

Susan had her personal and professional life merge when she became the custodian of the personal archives of her beloved aunt, Jane Atherton Roman, now 90 and in a Washington DC area skilled nursing facility. Susan offered to provide family members with electronic copies of the archives and before she realized their extent or significance. Now she is in the midst of the JAR Archives as a professional project for her museum consulting practice, History Behind the Scenes. Susan attended her 40th reunion at Chatham College in Pittsburgh this fall, an event that reaffirmed the importance of the women’s liberal arts collegiate experience in her life.

Andrea stayed busy with film and writing interests. She was a fellow at the Mac Dowell Arts Colony in New Hampshire last winter and had her screenplay “Claude” as a featured project in the IFP Market and Filmmakers Conference this fall. Andrea now lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Hilary and Josh were on the move during 2005. They traveled extensively for work, went to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding and were enthused, and ran Ravenchase, their treasure hunt sideline business, full steam ahead. To top it all off, they moved back to Richmond’s Fan District and into a larger

Jared and Seema are coming to the end of their student lives – and quite ready to move on. We are very proud of Seema who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation in Art History at NYU on December 13th. Jared is in his last year of a 4-year program to become a naturopathic physician at the University of Bridgeport and will graduate in May. He keeps a crazy schedule of commuting studying, clinical hours and very little sleep. They plan to pursue their careers in the New York area.

We wish you and yours all the very best for 2006.