What a difference a year makes.

Last time I updated this I was saying we were firmly ensconced in Tucson. Less then a year after that statement we moved to Philadelphia. During that time Charming Shoppes, Rich's employer, decided to close the Tucson office at the end of September 2009. A lucky few, Rich among them, were given the opportunity to transfer to the Bensalem headquarters. On June 1st the movers packed us up in Tucson and we embarked on a 4 day cross country drive to Philadelphia.

We found a great apartment in the Old City section of Center City Philadelphia. See a video of the empty apartment here.

Old City is exactly that, the oldest part of Philly with many historic sites and right next to Independence Mall. There are lots of converted apartment buildings of which ours is one. Step outside and there are shops, galleries and restaurants all around. For us this is a great place to live.

We've spent the summer finding various places for music. There are a couple of great venues to see touring artists plus a lot of the local park districts have summer concerts which bring in some excellent performers. Scouting out the local singer songwriters in addition to seeing some of our favorite national artists that we haven't seen in awhile.

Once again Sue will have to relocate History Behind the Scenes. Luckily it is not particularly place dependent and she has lots of east coast contacts.