A whole year has passed since the last update.

We are now firmly ensconced in Tucson AZ. We enjoy our apartment in downtown Tucson. We have developed the usual rituals and habits we all have around where we live and what we do.

Being where we are allows us to walk to a handful of places that we would otherwise have to drive to. There's the Grill, a great 24 hour dive that has the best burgers in Tucson (atleast that we've found). For a little more upscale dining there is the Cup Cafe in the restored Hotel Congress or the three Italian restaurants in downtown. And recently a new coffee shop that has live music opened. Live theater is a just few blocks away.

We have found a fair amount of live music, a lot of local talent plus out of town performers. We have made friends with a few these musicians. To help foster awareness of all this live musice, I just started a web site, Don't know if this will succeed but it will be fun trying

Sue is still busy consulting as History Behind the Scenes. In Tucson, she is involved with the two local organizations. Her organizational background is being put to use on the boards for La Pelita museum, a small museum in one of the older section of Tucson, and the Fox Theater.

- Hilary and Josh are now fully ensconsed in Hawaii. For those who don't know yet, Hilary is pregnant with a girl due in September.

- Andrea and Bobby were married earlier this year while at the McDowell Colony. A wedding party is scheduled for August.

- Jared continues to grow his Naturopathy practice. Seema continues to teach Art History at NYU on an adjunct basis.