Time marches on (just to throw in a well worn cliche). Great upheavel in life, we are leaving the Big Apple to take up residence in the desert southwest. Taking advantage of a job opportunity within Charming Shoppes, Rich took as position as Project Manager - HTML in the Tucson office. He will manage the HTML developers in both NYC and Tucson who code all the ecommerce web sites.

Since Sue is self employed, we decided she could relocate without too much trouble. She already has a client in Tucson and has made a number of local contacts that may lead to additional work. An excellent start for History Behind the Scenes in Tucson.

We found a great apartment in the Presidio historic district in downtown Tucson. We are within walking distance of downtown Tucson. Tucson is in the throes of trying to revive its downtown. Lots of noise and some action. The real transformation is on the near horizon. We hope to help in this transformation by being active downtown residents.

We'll miss the music and theater in New York but are starting to find the local scene in Tucson. With the University of Arizona nearby there is a lot theater action. The music scene is a little more sparse but it's there. We hope to see some of the performers who couldn't get to NY.

This is our last full week in NYC, the packers arrive on Tues, 5/29 and the movers pick it the next day. We should be fully in our new apartment by 6/11. Email addresses stay the same and we'll be keeping our home phone and cell phone numbers. We'll just add some local numbers. So keeping in touch should not be an issue.

Other news for those how only keep up intermittently ---

- Hilary and Josh moved to Hawaii a couple of months back. Ravenchase continues to spread across the country.

- Andrea and Bobby are engaged, state tuned for developments on this front

- Jared graduated and is now a Doctor of Naturopathy and in practice in NYC.