Read 2006 Christmas Letter.

Pictures from Hilary and Josh's wedding are now available for your viewing pleasure.


Nine month since the last update.

The summer is almost over even though it seems like only yesterday that it started. That's mainly due to a major project at Rich's work taking most of his time. See assuming I get around to updating it.

The big news from the spring was that we had to move. After 5 years on the top floor of a brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn our landlords reclaimed the space for themselves. We really liked the apartment and had no desire to move. Ah well as also change happens.

And contrary to expectations we found a new apartment almost immediately and in the same general vicinity. We moved from 13th street in Park Slope to 11th street. A total of about four blocks. But now instead of being in a brownstone we are on the ground floor of a small apartment building. The apartment is slightly bigger then the old place and has a huge kitchen. We are now closer to the subway and 7th avenue the main business area. So all in all a pain but in the end we have a decent new place and are just about settled in.

On the family front the big news is the imminent wedding of Hilary and Josh. Hilary and Josh got together shortly after she moved back to Richmond. The big event will be held in the Byrd Theater on Sept 9, one week from today.

Music and theater are our main leisure activities. MaryAnne Marino continues to be our favorite singer-songwriter.

Until next time. Perhaps an update after the wedding.