Well Christmas is here, checkout this years Christmas Letter.

A much more mundane holiday season then last years excursion to India and Jared & Seema's wedding.

2005 looks to be an interesting year. Starting off with a bang at a New Years eve party spent with one of our favorite musical groups, October Project. They are having the party in an intimate SOHO loft setting. A great way to start the New Year.

For Rich 2005 promises to be a very busy year at Charming Interactive with the first half of the year spent rearchitecting the websites in anticipation of every accelerating growth.

2004 was a slow year for Sue and History Behind The Scenes as it was for others in her field. 2005 will hopefully see increasing activity. Convertng the British fort on the island of Granada is still on the horizon bogged down in bureaucratic wrangling.

Our leisure hours are spent attending musical performances and theater. One of our favorite up and coming singers is MaryAnne Marino. Since she is based in NYC we get to see and listen to her quite often.

Until next time.