Its hard to believe its been six months since this was last updated. Just before we were off for the great adventure in India for Jared and Seema's wedding. And its taken that long to get some of the pictures up on the web site.

This is the link to the pictures India Gallery

At this point I just put up all the pictures with very little editing or cutting. Eventually there will be some editing and cutting of bad pictures. Also the pictures need to be captioned.

More pictures to come soon (I hope).

Not much news.

Rich continues to work for Charming Shoppes. Currently in the final stages of bringing online sales to the last brand, Fashion Bug.

Sue continues building History Behind The Scenes. After designing an Irish Village, she has the potential to help convert an British fort on the island of Granada to a living history attraction. If funding comes through expect reports from Granada.

Well that's all for now.
Last updated July 11, 2004